Let’s Talk About Your Shotgun

Some of us single guys seldom eat-out all the time. We likewise don’t keep all of our food in the freezer and nuke it in the microwave. Unbelievable to any women reading this article, there’s a branch of the male human race that enjoys cooking. But like our female counterparts, the thing we dread the most is doing the dishes.

Thank god in 1850 a guy named Joel Houghton – and then in ’65, L.A. Alexander – came-up with a hand-cranked dishwasher. But leave it to a woman to roll-out the best plan. Josephine Cochrane became the mother of the modern dishwasher. She was rich, never had to do dishes. But her servants kept chipping her expensive china and that needed to stop.

So, in the 21st century as us guys and gals prepare our meals from scratch, all we need to do is bring the tools, dishes, pots, cups and glasses to the dishwasher and let Reddy Kilowatt handle the job. The dread has become a minute-or-two task.

What the Heck Do Dishwashers Have to Do With Shotguns?

The fast and easy answer is that no genius or rich lady has yet to create an automatic shotgun cleaner. However, like dish washing, you want to clean your weapon as soon as you’ve had your day in the wild. If you don’t, as the shotgun tube returns to room temperature, the powder and any plastic residue gets pretty hard. Matters could go to rust, too boot.

An unclean shotgun, over time, will really screw-up your accuracy. It will also mean that you’re going to end up with a super collection of useless weapons, as you’ll have to replace it every couple of months. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than having a shotgun blow-up in your face because of clogging.

Be Prepared and Safe

Head out to the store that sells gun supplies and purchase a cleaning kit. You can buy it all separately, but it’s just going to cost you more.

Lay a thick coat of newspaper on a long, flat surface. Place the weapon on it. Go over the device with a fine-toothed comb. It will be pretty painful if you have not discharged all shells from the magazine and chamber. On top the newspaper it will keep the shotgun from getting scratched and will protect the table.

Your shotgun probably has a fore-end and wooden stock. Use a clean, damp cloth to remove any weirdness. Take something fresh, like a kitchen tissue, to dry the surface. Use either household wood wax or some premium gun oil to rub into the wood.

Business End of Things

For scrubbing the barrel, use a cleaning rod, some gunpowder solvent and soak the cotton patch at the end with the solution. For those with removable barrels, feel free to soak ‘em for an hour. Make sure when you remove them from their bath you totally dry them, inside and out.

Here’s something you should do every-so-often – if you have a semi-automatic or pump shotgun. Grab an old toothbrush, spritz the entire firing action and mechanism with a gun-cleaning solvent and scrub-on, soldier.

The last thing is the most important matter. Storage. You not only want to keep the weapon out of the hands of someone who hasn’t the slightest idea how to handle such an important, yet dangerous weapon. You want that safely-locked hiding place to be somewhere that measures ultra-low on the moisture scale. Protect yourself and your weapons.

And start the darned dishwasher. We’re not your maids.

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