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Picking a Dog Bowl

One thing we always seem to forget. Maybe it’s because they don’t put it on the counter, lay it in the sink or put it in the dishwasher. On the floor, out of mind. What we’re getting at is each … Continue reading

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Do Dogs Have Feelings?

It’s almost as stupid of a question as “Which breed of pigs can fly?” Just look at the back-end of your pup when you come home from work. If you could hook that tail to a generator, you’d have enough … Continue reading

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Top Screw-Ups When Training Your Dog

We’ll begin with a reminder: There’s a right way and a wrong way to train your best friend. The right way is the correct way. The wrong way is the incorrect way. See how simple it is to get your … Continue reading

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The Siberian Husky

In the early evening hours if you ever hear a mournful cry in the distance don’t go all nutsy. It’s not a baby with lungs of titanium or a lone, baying wolf. It’s probably just a neighbor’s Siberian husky. This … Continue reading

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What to Do When the Dog Bolts

Something is amiss. It could be that you no longer hear an occasional bark from the fenced-in backyard. Perhaps it happens in plain sight. You open the front door and the dog bolts. There’s a badly misspelled letter on the … Continue reading

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Beer and Rabbit Recipe

Stop us if you’d heard this one. You know the best way to catch a rabbit? Hide behind a tree and make a noise like a carrot. Hey, it’s your fault. You could have put the brakes on before you … Continue reading

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Curing Hard Mouth

There are some myths out there that suggest certain paranoid Kings and Queens used to only eat pre-digested food. One of their subjects would chew it up and then give the munchies to the Monarch. Allegedly it served two purposes: … Continue reading

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The Weimaraner

Come Halloween, want to scare some little kid into giving up all his candy when he taps on your front door? For those who own a Weimaraner it’s pretty easy. Since it’s already kind of spooky – it’s actually known … Continue reading

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Cooking Your Goose

Here’s something I bet you didn’t know. That story written by Charles Dickens was called “Tiny Tim.” That’s not the surprising thing. Despite all of the movies, plays and other dramatizations of the classic tale, it was only a little … Continue reading

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Checklist for Hunting on Public Land

Since you live out of the big city, off in the distance you can faintly hear the “pock-pock” of rifles being discharged. Game’s on. It’s a calling you to head out to some public lands so you can pack that … Continue reading

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