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Comprehensive Training With a Tri-Tronic Collar – Part 1

When you’re training your gun dog, there are few better methods to use than the Tri-Tronic Collar. A book called them Tri-Tronics Retriever Training Book by Jim and Phyllis Dobbs with Alice Woodyard could best be described as the bible … Continue reading

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How to Get a Spaniel to Fetch

Those who are proud owners of a spaniel will explain to you that getting one of these fine animals to fetch is like taking a bicycle out for a spin after its grown cobwebs in the shed. In a few … Continue reading

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Picking a Pointer

We’re a little biased in this department. Certainly there are many different breeds that will do the trick if you’re looking to pick a pointer. If you chose a Brittany, you’ll defend it until the last beast has been flushed … Continue reading

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Suggestions for the Gun Dog’s First Year

It’s pretty overwhelming when a baby is born. They’re greeted into this world with a slap on the bum and the first of many crying jags. Everything was just ducky a few minutes before. All of a sudden, someone flips … Continue reading

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Fun Dog Facts

Just dreaming here, but what if you applied to be a contestant on “Jeopardy?” A couple of weeks later, the producer of the show rings you up and makes it formal, “How would you like to compete against two other … Continue reading

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Managing the Unmanageable

Having a house pet, there are only a few things that keeps the pup from going totally insane. In order of appearance, here’s the dog’s “Nutty Scale”: Sleep Eat Putz around with a toy Play with another animal Poop and … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Your Shotgun

Some of us single guys seldom eat-out all the time. We likewise don’t keep all of our food in the freezer and nuke it in the microwave. Unbelievable to any women reading this article, there’s a branch of the male … Continue reading

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Taking the Gamey-Ness Out of the Duck – A Recipe

From what we can tell, the word first came about in 1863. Scientifically, the flavor comes from lactic acid. That’s the same stuff which builds-up in your muscles after doing some serious exercise. Getting a massage usually disperses the lactic … Continue reading

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What’s That Smell – Cleaning Your Dogs Toy

Not that you’d want to do this, but have you ever gotten a whiff of your dog’s favorite plaything? There are a few terms in the English language that could define the aroma, but we’re going to settle with simply … Continue reading

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All About Dog Collars

We know that sometimes it’s necessary, but when you see a toddler wearing a vest attached to a leash, it causes a few people to ponder, “So, it’s all come down to this.” Stirring their disapproving heads they’re tempted to … Continue reading

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